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Terry Boyer Memorial Award Competition


The Teacher by Ben Venezio
2017 Winner


Previous Competition Winners


2006 – Quite a Mouthful by Roman Kurywczak

2008 – Kestrel by Ben Venezio

2010 – Catch Me If You Can by Ben Venezio

2012 – Morning Flight by Ben Venezio

2014 – The Fallen One by Bill Emanuel

2016 – Milky Way at Moonset by Nick Palmieri

2007 “Ibis” by David DeRochers

2009 – Out On A Limb by Ben Venezio

2011 – Eastern Kingbird by David DeRochers

2013 – Kirkjufell Falls by Nick Palmieri

2015 – A Startling Moment by Bill Emanuel 



The Cranford-Millburn Camera Club hosts its Terry Boyer Memorial Award Competition, annually in December during the club’s Holiday Party. The competition was organized by Roman Kurywczak and Ben Venezio as a tribute to Terry Boyer, a founding member of the Cranford-Millburn Camera Club and inspiring nature photographer.


Competition Rules

Club members are invited to submit four (4) images for the Terry Boyer Memorial Award. Images may be of any subject. Images that are previous competition winners may not be entered. Competition classes are not utilized for this competition. Through a series of point eliminations in a similar fashion to regular competitions, the judge determines a single winner. In keeping with this special memorial, the winner receives a plaque engraved with their name. The plaque is kept by the winning individual for a year then passed onto the next year’s winner.



Terrence “Terry” Boyer, passed away from cancer in January of 2006, just short of his 60th birthday. Terry was originally a member of the Vailsburg Camera Club, then the Millburn Camera Club and finally – the Cranford-Millburn Camera Club (CMCC). As an avid nature photographer, Terry spent countless hours creating images expressing the beauty of the world around us. He was also a member of Camera Naturalists Photography Club. Many current members of the CMCC, tell stories about his generous efforts to help them develop and improve their photography skills.


Boyer was employed by Conoco Philips in Linden, NJ as a Purchasing manager for many years before retiring in 2003. In addition to his love for photography, Terry also was a devoted fly fisherman, greatly enjoying his time casting for fish along a woodland river. He is survived by many relatives including his wife Cathy, son Todd, 8 grandchildren and cousin and friend, CMCC’s, Ben Venezio.