Programs are held once a month and feature presentations by speakers on a variety of topics such as portraits, night, macro, lighting, processing photos and more. Please check the Program and Competition Schedule for program dates.



Competitions are a great way for club members to share their work and get ideas on how to improve their images.  Judges will provide helpful critiques. It is important to know that your name is not revealed in the competition unless you win (so for the new members who may feel uneasy about competing, feel free to submit so you can get a valuable critique)!

Everyone is welcome to attend club meetings but only club members (paid dues) may enter the competitions.

Competitions are held monthly at our Millburn location. Seven competitions are held each year. In May, a Year End Competition is held which includes all winning images.  December is set aside for the CMCC Memorial Competition Each competition includes an Assigned Category (see calendar) and an Open Category (any image of your choice). Members can upload 3 in each of the two categories for a total of 6 images per competition. Please check the Program and Competition Schedule for competition dates.

There are three classes for competing:

  • Class B – New Members
  • Class A – Intermediate
  • Salon – Advanced


Procedure for Entering an Image for Competition

Up to three (3) digital images may be entered in the Assigned Subject category and up to three (3) in the Open Subject category. The deadline for uploading images to Photo Contest Pro is the Wednesday prior to the next competition at 11:oopm.

  • Images must be sized to 1050 pixels on the long side for upload into Photo Contest Pro. Resolution (pixels per inch) is irrelevant.
  • Set your color space to sRGB
  • Save your image as a JPEG.
  • Once you have prepared your images, go to Photo Contest Pro  to upload your entries.
  • Be careful to enter your image in the correct class. All new members are in the B class.
  • For further details on preparing and uploading your photo please view our video on You Tube.