Assigned Subject Competitions

The list below contains the Assigned Subjects for the 2021 – 2022 Competitions. Adjacent to each subject is a description detailing the type of images that may be entered. Please check the Program and Competition Schedule  for the competition date of each Assigned Subject.

The descriptions will be read to the judge at each competition. It will be at the judge’s discretion to disqualify an image if they feel it does not meet the description.

A printable PDF of the Assigned subject is located at the bottom of the page.






The shadow must be the dominant subject. Shadows are a solid or semi-solid dark area produced by an object coming between a light source and a surface. Reflections would not be permitted. 



The image must depict a city or portion of a city. Landscapes, seascapes, animals, and birds are not permitted.

Black & White


The image must be depicted in Black & White. Birds and flowers are permitted. Sepia, monochrome, spot color and other variations are not permitted.

CMCC Memorial Competition


One printed image of your choice. The image cannot be one that has won a previous award. The printed image may be displayed with a mat or mounted on foam board. No frames.



The abstract must reflect the exploration of color, shape, line, light, or a combination of those basic elements. Recognizable animals, birds, and people are not permitted.

Leading Lines


The image must contain at least one leading line. Animals, birds, and people are not permitted.

Long Exposure


A Long Exposure must be depicted in the image. Long exposures can include motion, ICM, night images with movement, and other types of long shutter speeds.

Still Life


The Still Life must be the dominant subject. Animals, birds, and people are not permitted.



The image must be a landscape or seascape. Cityscapes, animals, and birds are not permitted.

Assigned Subject PDF