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Assigned Subject Competitions


The list below contains the Assigned Subjects for the 2019 – 2020 Competitions. Adjacent to each subject is a description detailing the type of images that may be entered. Please check the Program and Competition Schedule  for the competition date of each Assigned Subject.

The descriptions will be read to the judge at each competition. It will be at the judge’s discretion to disqualify an image if they feel it does not meet the description.

A printable PDF of the Assigned subject is located at the bottom of the page.


Subject Date Description
Machinery 9-23-19 Equipment, apparatus, hardware, gear and tackle, gadgetry, or tools must be the dominant subject. No birds, flowers or landscapes. (e.i. – An image of tractor is acceptable.  An image of a sunset with a tractor out in a field is not.)
Leading Lines 10-21-19 The leading lines must be the dominant subject. Leading lines can be natural or manmade. No birds.
Sports 11-18-19 Any recognized sport that involves one or more participants. No birds, flowers or images depicting hunting.
CMCC Memorial Competition 12-9-19 One printed image of your choice. The image cannot be one that has won a previous award. The printed image may be displayed with a mat or mounted on foam board. No frames.
Insects and Butterflies 1-27-20 Insect(s) or Butterfly(s) must be the dominant subject. No birds. Flowers are permitted but must be in a supporting role to the main subject.
Reflections 2-24-20 The reflection must be the dominant subject. Reflections can be natural or manmade. Wildlife, flowers and birds allowed.
Macro and Close-Ups 3-23-20 Macro or Close-Ups must be the dominant subject. Flowers allowed. No birds, insects or butterflies.
Zoology 4-20-20 Zoology includes any non-domestic animals that are wild or in a zoo. No pets, birds, insects or butterflies.



Assigned Subject PDF